Delivering solutions
to the boutique resort owner

Solutions to boutique resort owner

Bespoke operational strategies, tailored to your business

Bespoke hospitality solutions to boutique resorts

Full operational management and consultancy

Bringing big brand practises to the small size businesses

Hotel Management Asia

Based in Thailand, HMA is a specialist hospitality management company designed to provide solutions in an ever more competitive market.

Our intention is to establish a network of boutique resorts under HMA management to provide Owners and Investors with a hassle-free, transparent, professional safe pair of hands in which to trust their business.

Aimed at the Boutique Hotel segment our goal is to help independent resorts compete on level terms with the bigger brands. Currently working with high profile Boutique Beach Resorts as a referral and a proof our concept works.

Whether you are an owner/proprietor or investment group looking to rise to the next level, HMA can give you the edge.

Our knowledgeable team provide hotel management solutions in the fields of Sales, F&B, HR, CRM, hotel operations and revenue generation/management.

  • Invest in peopleInvest in PeopleYour team will benefit from a comprehensive review of operations followed by practical and agreed implementation of any required actions.
  • Peak performance Peak performance Using industry standard Key Performance Indicators (KPI) we will identify, implement and monitor the most important performance measurements appropriate to your resort.
  • Property managment Property managment Are you getting the most out of your resort facilities? Following our analysis, if required, we will manage whatever processes are necessary to implement the required projects.
  • Profit Maximization Profit Maximization Are you in the right market place? Have you got your pricing and timing right? We measure investment returns against benchmark norms for the hotel industry.

Why choose HMA ?

Our Services

At HMA we specialize in providing bespoke hospitality solutions to Boutique resorts.

We are experienced in managing niche Boutique properties, bringing big Brand practices and procedures to the small to medium size businesses.

We understand that every resort has its own unique identity and personality, there is no one size fits all solution.

Designed to maximize your resorts potential, HMA can provide the services to manage your resort by property management contract or on a consultancy basis.

To arrange an appointment or have an informal discussion about your resort. Contact us.