Hotel Management Asia

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At HMA we specialize in providing bespoke hospitality solutions to Boutique resorts.

We are experienced in managing niche Boutique properties, bringing big Brand practices and procedures to the small to medium size businesses. We understand that every resort has its own unique identity and personality, there is no one size fits all solution.

Everything we do is tailor made to the specific requirements of our clients’ needs. We take special care to develop an in-depth understanding of your business and its objectives.

Our Services Schema

By developing strong relationships with our clients and their staff it ensures we deliver results that match your vision. We look to give you a competitive edge in an ever expanding and changing market place. Identifying future markets and anticipating their effect maximizes our ability to exploit a fast moving business environment. We bring the skills to compete with the Brands by reaching your resorts potential. Here is an overview of the hotel management services we offer:

Hotel Operation Management

Having an effective day to day management is vital to running a successful business. We will take over every aspect of this and focus attention on doing the right things at the right time.

  • Evaluate skill levels of team members and customer service delivery.
  • Staff training and development.
  • Always HMA management on site to make sure operations are up to standard 24/7.
  • Introduce industry standard reporting procedures
  • Analyze product and delivery systems.
  • Control of operational and running costs
  • Forecasting and planning
  • Customer satisfaction analysis

Sales and Marketing Strategies

If not managed carefully large budgets can be spent in the wrong areas for little return. Successful Marketing requires a good understanding of the local market and environment. Timing must be accurate to take advantage of changes in market dynamics.

  • Maximizing occupancy by identifying niche markets, trends and opportunities
  • Full annual sales planning
  • Review of local advertising
  • Competitor and market analysis
  • Pricing and incentives
  • On line marketing to maximum effect
  • Management of On Line Travel Agents and booking engines
  • High impact sales strategies
  • Customer Relations Management and guest feedback
  • Regular E-Shots and E-Media campaigns
  • Social media management
  • Website SEO and re-targeting
  • Seasonal offers and packages
  • Adding offer value and up-selling
  • Traditional Agent portfolio in high volume markets like China, Korea and Russia

Food & Beverage Solutions

In hospitality, getting the most out of your food and beverage services and facilities is an ongoing challenge. A well-run service is an important revenue generator that can make or break a guest experience. It is vital to get it right no matter how big or small your resort is.

  • Review of your current operation using our vastly experienced F&B team.
  • Ensuring your business is well resourced, consistent and successful
  • Evaluating menus, recipes and presentation
  • Improving sequence of service delivery
  • Food safety. HACCP certified trainer ensuring SOP’s are implemented
  • Storage and temperatures
  • Kitchen layout
  • Staff training and management
  • Cost control and supplier chain
  • Restaurant concept development and brand creation.
  • Upselling and additional revenue training and incentives
  • Groups, parties, weddings logistics

Human Resources

The old saying goes “you are only as good as your staff”. They are our frontline for the guest experience. It is also one of the highest cost areas. We ensure the right people skills and knowledge are in place to complement your business.

  • Effective recruitment and staff retention procedures
  • Relevant and appropriate training using industry standard KPI’s.
  • Identifying and rectifying training needs for a 5-star establishment.
  • Staff guidance and development
  • Multi-skill training to maximize the efficient use of staff
  • Payroll and forecasting
  • Employee record keeping
  • Disciplinary and complaints procedure
  • Statutory compliance to Thai labour laws.
  • Dynamic senior managers knowing the way to work with the local workforce.

Purchasing Strategies

Using group purchasing to ensure all purchases are made at best market prices from a list of nominated local and Industry known suppliers. Including:

  • Food purchasing
  • Beverage purchasing
  • Industrial laundry services
  • Energy
  • Internet and cable TV provision
  • Generator, air-con, fire alarm systems and kitchen maintenance contracts
  • Guest supplies and amenities
  • Stationery
  • Vehicle maintenance and contract negotiation
  • Building maintenance contract negotiation
  • Security services and CCTV
  • Garbage and sewage
  • Back-up water supply

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management describes how businesses interact with its customers. It involves collecting information to provide improved support services and guest experience resulting in higher profits for the resort. Understanding how your customers think and perceive your products gives a valuable advantage to your services in providing exactly what your customers want.

  • Building value for the resort
  • Building value for our guests
  • Identifying our best customers
  • Identifying potential new customers
  • Developing CRM strategy
  • Analysis and interpretation of data
  • Anticipating future business needs on historical sale and service trends
  • Improving efficiency by developing superior services and products that meet our guests identified needs
  • Manage guest feedback online

Designed to maximize your resorts potential. HMA can provide the services to manage your resort by property management contract or on a consultancy basis.

Contact us to discuss how we can best provide the solutions you are looking for.